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Who's hotter? You decide!

Jaelyn0 Keen shots. Love the three way mirror shot too. Oh yeah, the girl, Jaelyn is makes it work also with her fine ass. Welcome to the site babe.

Here you go:

Instagram: @jae_every_dae
Photographer: @coseyphotos

Jaelyn Jaelyn1 Jaelyn2 Jaelyn3 Jaelyn4

The good stuff...

Jan 19, 2015


in Latest
Here's another cutie the GV image shot for GGurls. Kyta. Real nice girl. Love her size (of course) and she's a great fit for the team. I need her IG. Read More...
Feb 11, 2014

Jada Kash - Sexy Twerk

in Video
Here is Jada Kash, a nice little slim stripper out of Tampa Bay Florida. We call these kind of girls "skinny thick". Skinny thick is a small thin girl with lady lumps larger than normal. Read More...
Oct 03, 2016

Ralen Watts Naked

in Latest
One of my favorite GGurls who just so happen to look like a much better looking Stacey Dash (I hate Stacey Dash ole' sellout ass, she actually blocked me on Twitter for calling her a coon… Read More...