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Who's hotter? You decide!

Exclusive GGurl Jae Choice is just so damn cute. The one pic where she's facing backwards holding the ball is the best one out the bunch.
These been sitting in the inbox for a couple of days and we just opened them (sorry busy!) after almost over looking them (glad we didn't!). Anything Jae Choice is always posted here even if she is rooting for the sorry ass Bears (Go Lions!)

Twitter/IG: @JaeChoice by @TheStudioMarz

Jaechoice Bears Jaechoice Bears1 Jaechoice Bears2

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The good stuff...

Jan 17, 2014

Latina Booty Shaking

in Video
She says she's Latina, but we don't know, don't care actually. Whatever she is all we know is that booty is right! Perfectly shaped and it bounces ever so nicely. Read More...
Nov 24, 2015

Girl Named Kisha Dean

in Latest
I get a lot of emails that I never show you. About 75% of girls get rejected. Every since I put up a form for submissions the influx of girls has increased about 3 fold. I gotta wade… Read More...