Jacque' Augustus

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Jacque Agustus0Damn is this girl fine as hell, we're getting a bunch of super pretty girls in a row now. Meet Jacque Augustus. The newest GGurl.

Twitter: @JADOREmebaby
Instagram: @JacqueAugustus

These are the questions you'll be ask for your feature...

Where are you from? Galveston, Island

How long have you been in the game? (modeling)- About 3 years give or take.

Single? - Yes!.

What are your measurements? 32-25-42

What's your favorite part of your body? - My Smile.

Would you date a guy/girl off the Internet? 
Lol I dont know,  I think Catfish ruined everything . :)

What do you hope to accomplish (in the modeling industry)? Work, Get my name out, I want to grace the covers of Your everyday magazines and even those you haven't heard of.  Everytime i accomplish onering,  i want tomove onto thenext.  I won't ever get too comfortable with life.  Most importantly,  I don't want to be seen as just a "Booty" model, I want to be used for pg rated advertisements too and acting gigs :)

What turns you off?  A male that has no conversation, cant look me in my eyes, and a Male figure that LIES; The WORST.

What turns you on? A smile, a gentle, soft spoken person that knows when and how to stand up when needed. I adore those guys who know how to listen and have a good time. Why fuss?

Favorite pair of jeans? Medium color blue Jeans, straight legged. Any brand as long as they have some type of stretch material (elastic/spandex) I don't like jeans that dont fit my waist

Favorite pair of shoes? My tan oxfords. they go with just about everything. As far as going out and club attire, i have a pair of animal print wedges. They always seem to make my outfit.

What kind of guy/girl do you like? I love basketball, So athletic is a must. I mean, i was a Tomboy growing up, so basketball and my PlayStation is all I know of lol. I like a guy who understands we don't always have to go out and get fancy to have fun. Sometimes chilling, laying back, and being competitive is the best fun.

Are you wifey material? Of course.

Where else can we see you besides GG! and your site? 
Twitter @JADOREmebaby
, Instagram @JacqueAugustus

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