Monday, 02 February 2009 21:37

Introducing Rick Ross' Son's Mother, Tia Kemp.... Featured

Written by The Hip Hop Socialite

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As you probably know by now, 50 and Rick Ross have beef, but could somebody please tell me what back alley in Miami did 50 find Rick’s son’s mother Tia Kemp???   Now I don’t really know how to take Tia - just like a lot of baby mothers that never made wifey status, she could be a little bitter, or she might just need the money and is tired of going back and forth with Rick over it. Tia has a book coming out in March called Tia’s Diary: Deeper Than Rap that may shed some light on these questions. In my opinion, it seems a little foul to go against the father of your child (even if you don’t get along with him), especially by joining forces with his current arch nemesis. Tia, I hope you are smart enough to realize that when this beef blows over between 50 and Rick, 50 will no longer give a damn about you (actually, he doesn’t give a damn about you now, you are clearly being PIMPED girl), and I hope Rick has an abundance of forgiveness in his heart, because if it were me, that is the only way I would do another damn thing for you. As my father once put it, “Be careful whose feet you step on, they maybe attached to the ass you may have to kiss one day.” I hope that Kaufman fur and Gucci shopping spree was worth it…..

BTW, 50 needs to get his own bathroom clean first before he starts running around taking dumps in other people’s toilets…didn’t his own baby mama recently accuse him of burning down her house???

-The Hip Hop Socialite
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