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Who's hotter? You decide!

Very pretty seductive looking girl here. Introducing Malan Price and her bronze body and hair. Nice, simple and sexy is the absolute best way to describe these pictures.

Instagram: @Malan_Vs_Milan
Photographer: @Fly_Imagez

Malan Price Malan Price1 Malan Price2 Malan Price3 Malan Price4

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The good stuff...

Jun 16, 2014

Shani Rose Wants In

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Shani Rose wants to be an Official GGurl. She hit me on Instagram asking so. I think she can be, I mean she is cute as fuck and has a banging curvy body right? I say we let her in. Read More...
May 19, 2014

New Maria Leanna

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Just one of the finest things I've ever seen, I always love to see new pictures of Maria Leanna, this is girlfriend material. She has it written all over her. Wouldn't you treat her like a… Read More...
Feb 10, 2015

Rocky Dior

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Here's a treat for you. Seems everybody is trying to be a GGurl these days and we love it. The latest is Rocky Dior from Htowns Finest. We think you'll love this addition. Are we right? Read More...