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A different kind of post. If you've been following me for a minute you know I'll use my platform to speak out against any kind of injustice. This one really fits.

I absolutely love Instagram. Probably more than any other social network that I've ever use. That includes Blackplanet and Twitter which are easily my next two runner ups. However, unlike those two I named I have one major issue with Instagram. They are racist, and there is no sugar coating it.

Just like their mother company, Facebook, they show an obvious preference to white women who show a lot of skin than black women who do the exact same thing. I've been meaning to write this article about 6 months ago but never got around to doing it. I just had to do it though. As you already know, GGurls is about half naked to naked girls modeling, showing off their bodies. Of course I'll never put naked girls on Instagram as they frown upon such a thing. Well if you're black they do, they'll ban you and delete you as they have done me before. Even if you put black girls in skimpy clothing, but showing nothing questionable., you're at a risk on Instagram. However, if you're white? Well you can basically put completely naked girls on your timeline and get hundreds of thousands of likes and millions of followers and Instagram will do nothing to your account. Don't believe me? Take a look at this picture. Mscherie.amour What do you think about it? Showing too much? Revealing too much for Instagram? Maybe so, maybe not. You can argue that technically she's not even naked. You can also argue that it implies too much nudity. Either way you're going to prove my point.

Now take a look of these pictures of a popular model named Brittanya (from some reality show I can't remember). She. Is. Naked. In her pictures and she has MANY pictures just like the one I presented to you above. go ahead look. Brittanya187 Brittanya187 1 Brittanya187 2 Brittanya187 3 Brittanya187 4 Disclaimer: I think Brittanya is a very nice looking girl and I have no problem with her naked pictures. I have only a problem with Instagram's hypocrisy
Here are the the differences. My @GGurls account has just over 400k followers and my pictures get an average of 3k likes. The first picture I showed you got reported with under 1k likes and deleted by Instagram in less than 2 hours. @Brittanya187 has 8.8 million Instagram followers and she has pictures that EASILY get over 200 thousand likes, just like the ones I listed above. They are still up after 8 to 9 months to a year, and we can safely assume that her pictures have been reported too (not by me, I would never do such a thing). So why do her's get to stay up and mine don't? She's white and the girls (like the one I posted above) are black. It's just that simple. Don't believe me? Check out @DanBilzerian's Instagram account. He post straight up naked girls with barely a censor and his pictures gets an average of like 500k likes! How does he get away with it? You guessed it, they all are white. Dan Dan1 Dan2 Dan3 Dan4 Dan5

Once again.. Absolutely no hate against him. Do your thing. The girls are nice looking and I enjoy your page. I'm just calling out Instagram on this. Instagram allow pages like his and Brittanya's to strive and get millions of followers while black companies like myself constantly get shut down and penalized.

You see. Instagram is just like white America, if it's white it's right, if it's black it's bad. I bet Instagram doesn't even realize they are doing it. It's just common stereotypical practice.

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