Remember 'Fitness Keyy'? We posted her a while back. She had a nice body and a very nice booty. Let me find that link and post it here. Anyway. she now goes by 'Krackin Ass Keyy' and she loves to make videos shaking her ass. She even made a naked booty video in one of those full suit pajamas that has a flap on the booty.

Put together enough videos to give you nothing but fine girls twerking. Random girls showing off their booty gyrating skills. You'll never ever get sick of these things. We don't. Our favorite is the girl slow grinding with her panties halfway down her butt. Wonder if we can put this on Youtube? Doubt it.

If you twerk and you come across our Instagram page I WILL download your video and put it in a nice little video collage for the world to see. These not only do good here but they have been building up our Youtube following while getting good numbers. So go ahead ladies, have your fun shaking that nice big booty of yours.

Was going to crash but had to put this video together and post it after seeing her pictures on Instagram. Her name is Sunshine and she's a 5 foot stripper with a fat ass ass.... Yeah a fat, ass, ass. Her booty is probably bigger than her. Wonder what that looks like in person..?