Going to start this back up... It's good for Google and SEO purposes, putting celebrity updates on here. But I'll only keep it to sexy female celebrities. So now I have to catch up on some things. Things I'm certain a lot of you saw, however since I haven't, I'm quite sure that means a lot of you haven't either. Here's a photo set of Karrueche Tran in a bikini with her legs spread open.

Nothing fake here. This is actually 29 year old Karrueche Tran showing her bare ass in a (very unpopular) 2018 movie called the Honor List. She plays a cheerleader and in this particular scene, she and two other cheerleaders strip down and show off their bodies. We, the audience can only see their rear ends.

Didn't even know these existed. But it's already pretty much known that Rihanna doesn't mind showing of her naked body. These are some selfies and naked pictures of the world famous singer/star and you gotta admit, her body is nice and tight.