Guess what's the hardest thing to do about updating? The thing I hate most. Well actually now that I think of it, it's the second thing I hate most. It's finding something to write about each article/girl. Sometimes I have to put together a story for the pictures and videos after searching all over to get them. I have to somehow string them together through similarities.

Prettyylz00Sometimes a couple of pictures are so damn good that you'll post just two. After all that's what a "couple" means anyway :) These two super hot shots of Pretty Lez are worth looking at over and over again. If she post some GGurl type pictures then they'll be posted on as soon as possible.

Anise  Tai0 Anise Tai is not shy. She loves to show off her curvy body and beautiful butt. These three pictures will be floating around the internet once the word gets out. Remember where you saw them first!