Keniesha C0 Sexy little chocolate drop, model Keniesha C now graces with professional pics from our photographer Inergee Studios. She has a very sexy body doesn't she? Enjoy.

Aryss J0 See why networking is so great? Meet Aryss J. Aryss is fine as hell. Aryss is from Detroit where we are based. But we never even heard of Aryss until 2020 Photography sent us her pics. See that? We might have a new face to go hard for because of our networking with 20.
Lissa Misharova0 Now that's what's up. Lissa Misharova (@Russia305) recently shot with Marchal Marzian (@MarchalMARZian) for GGurls. Now of course we don't really have to say how hot the pictures are but then again, of course we're going to say it anyway. These pictures are planet Mercury hot. Lissa's body is so curvy, Coca Cola is remodeling their next glass bottle after her. Look at her sexy booty, now go make that new IPhone screen saver you were looking for.
Pretty Jamee0 We teased you forever about this exclusive. We showed you the shoot live via Ustream. The feedback was so big we knew how big the anticipation was. Well here it is. Pretty Jamee's exclusive GGurls photo shoot by @MarchalMARZian. The wait was well worth it because we almost didn't post these pictures, Lewis the webmaster was going to keep them for himself! But after giving up his selfish ways, he decided to show them. Yes, the popular @PrettyJamee took some stunning eye candy shots just for GGurls.
Lex Lugo0 Was waiting on this for awhile. It's finally here. GGurls exclusive pictures of Alexis Lugo, and to give you a little more just for your wait, we've included a video to match. Marchal Marzian got 3 looks of this beautiful woman. The third look you'll see in another way ;). So watch this hot ass video of Alexis Lugo and then scroll down to see the pics Marchal Marz hit us with.
Red Money Love0 We love these GGurl exclusive features from Marz. They are always on point and they always showcase such a bad ass model. This is Carolina Nicole AKA Red Money Love (catchy name) and all of her splendor. Don't deny her. She's bad.
Vida Supa0 Another exclusive set and brand new model from GlamourXposure! Her name is Vida H. Supa and we're glad to be the first to introduce her to the world. Follow her on Twitter.

Bb Pin Up0 Damn! Another bad one. This is BB Pin Up showing off what a woman should look like. Anybody got something bad to say about her is simply a hater. Nothing wrong here at all.

Issii Bangkok0 You're guaranteed to like this one. This is GGurl Issii making a return without clothes. She's curvy and smooth. We like it Issii and we're glad you sent it in! Thank you babe.

Shakira Lynn0 The first set in a series. Hmmm? Let's called this the naughty teacher series by Shakira Lynn. If your teacher looked like this you wouldn't have passed class huh? Then again you wouldn't have skipped and would have been in class. Any who. Here's brand new pictures of one of your favorite GGurls Shakira Lynn. Welcome home Shakira.

Jeneva0 Bold. Daring. And just fucking hot! Jeneva pics will have you staring for a minute before you click off the page. They're all beautiful and erotic. Like we said, just fucking hot!

GG Gorgeous0 Milestone: We'll start off by talking about these pictures first lol. Gorgeous (Christal Ray) has been shooting with us for a minute now. If you've been watching the progress of our photography you can see the improvements just by looking at her features. We've came a long way baby, and there is of course always room for improvement. These pictures are the shit even if we do say so ourselves. Christal is simply gorgeous. She doesn't have that name for nothing.

Barbie Vuitton0 Another hot one! Barbie Vuitton is not just another hot model but a professional make up artist to boot. Double threat!

Jenn Jerez0 Now this is a keeper, and perfect for GGurls. This is Jenn Jerez sent in by our friends over at GlamourXposure. Oh you are going to so love this feature. There's nothing that needs to be said. Just look.

Kiya Renae0 Eeeyow! Now this is done right! This is Kiya Renae's second feature and it's hot as ever. She and 2020 hooked up and made some visual masterpieces! We love every picture!

Melanie Ferrera0 Look at the body on this woman. She knows we're looking and we can't stop. Let's welcome Melanie Ferrera home, because with a body like that this is where she belongs.

Jaedash0 Ya like em sexy and top heavy? Really top heavy and sexy? Well meet Jai Dash from