Elyse Saucey  0 Here's yet another hot set of Elyse Saucey for you guys. This time it's a GG exclusive by photographer Ricky Fontaine. Elyse knows how to pose and intrigue you with her great curves don't she?

Cierrapashawn0 We just featured Cierra Pashawn a few GGurls ago but she didn't send in any social networking links. Ricky Fontiane just shot her and sent us her pics and her Twitter link. What were the chances of that?     
Keiona Veney0 Sexy ass. Keiona Veney is finally on GGurls thanks to Ricky Fontaine. These are some great pics and she's just too damn sexy not to brag about. Great job guys!
Ashley  Steele0 When we found out Ricky was shooting Ashley we actually got excited. Ashley is just sooooooooo hot. So now we have some GG exclusive of Ms Ashley Steele! Yay!
Charm Killings Ggurls0 Oh. God. Yes. Charm Killings, one of the sexiest women in the game now has a GGurls exclusive thanks to GG photographer Ricky Fontaine ya dig. These pictures will soon be floating around the internet after the word gets out. We must admit how geeked we are just to have these pictures and it's all for your enjoyment.