People have a thing for a white woman with a nice big round booty. So this girl named Kendra Karter should really get you going if that's your thing. She does have a nice ass along with a nice everything else. She loves to tease you with it with lots of videos. We put together some of her videos to make one big one, just like that ass of hers.

Remember that shoot we post of Yiminx that 2020 photography did recently? The one with her naked with nothing but paint on? It was pure fire right? Well we've now acquired the video to that shoot and to be honest, it's even better than the pictures. You can see Yiminx clear as day and those nipples are right up in your face.

Super big booty Sara Gold has a lot of videos out. So we did you a favor and put them all together to give you one big collage of the pretty and nice big booty girl. Don't say we never gave you anything because actually we give you everything for free. Make sure you follow her on Instagram.

I kind of got away from posting funny shit or stuff just not the norm for here. Think I'll get back to it if it's worthy enough. This one lives up to the humor. I take this girl is mad at her boyfriend for buying her a happy meal and makes a very unnecessary scene in front of everybody. This looks like the type of girl who does that type of shit because she wants to get fucked hard.

 Thought there was a feature of Baddie Brann on here already. However after searching our database, we found out it was not. So we got this great pictures of her fine ass showing off a lot. Correction... The video posted last night was NOT Baddie Brann... We made a mistake...

Now to be one hundred percent honest, I don't know the value of this video. Lots of times when making a new article, we have to use Google just like you for more information. When we Googled 'Bitches Luv GiGi' fine ass, we saw some porn in the mix. Seems she was actually giving head to a lucky guy.

While uploading these pictures of Ariiela Lalangosta my mass upload program told me I already had her pictures here. How? I would always remember a girl who looked like this with a nice phat ass. Ariiela has a big juicy booty that you can't stop staring up. That's a huge booty right there son.

Wankaego0 We anticipated this exclusive for a minute now. Wankaego hopped on board with GGurls when she shot with Marchal Marzian, and we must admit it's a great look. She belongs here. Perfect fit. Wankaego (Theresa Runyon) is very pretty with a great body and an amazing booty. She was also super fun to shoot with, her personality is fun loving and she's a people person. Any who, without further ado, here's the feature. Oh you're going to love this one!

Wankaego0 Saw the feature of Wankaego? Check out these animated booty pictures from that video. Wankaego has a very nice ass don't she? She's bad as hell.