Lira Galore 0 It's no secret, Lira Galore is hot and we love her around here. She's so photogenic it's crazy, she takes nothing but gorgeous pictures. Her short self and curvy body is a treat for any camera. Dig these GGurl pictures of Lira Galore. They're already floating around the internet.

Who doesn't like naked girls as their wallpaper on their computer? Naked women are actually the most used 'puter desktop backgrounds out there so don't lie and say you don't. Hell, you probably search the term and got here right? Anywho, heres one of some super hotties with, you guessed it, nice round asses. Hell you know what we like on this site. Girls with nice naked butts. Go ahead and download it son.


Jojo K Burton0 Natural beauty, high sex appeal, Jojo makes her first appearance on GGurls with pictures from Iconic Images and we must say they're the shit. Colorful and catchy these are some great eye candy pictures to look at. Shout out to Jojo, now follow her on Instagram

Frances Fossano0 Glad I turned up for this shoot. Thinking I'd be dealing with a flaky model, Frances Fossano came through on time and ready to go. She was very photogenic and brought high energy, now add that to her looks and what photographer wouldn't love her? Couldn't wait to put these up, so I did it as soon as I could. Here is new GGurl model Frances Fossano and all her pretyiness.

Amy Jackson0 We love our exclusives. Here is the latest one. Amy Jackson and Alcole Studios hooked up and delivered GGurls a very classy and sexy photoshoot. You must follow Amy Jackson on Twitter now. Thanks for the pictures guys. Should get high ratings ;)

Livvy    Sweets0

Livvy Sweets

Wearing nothing but a towel Livvy Sweets killed this photoshoot. She kept it classy while shooting implied nudity. It's about time we got Livvy back on the site. It's been a minute.

Crystal White0

Crystal White

♫ It's that pretty brown brown, driving me wild, ooh girl ♪ okay enough of that, meet Crystal White, a beautiful new model for We get all the hot ones people.

Rose 0 Strong as we are, this is the very first model we had on here named Rose, and this is one Rose you won't forget. Super curvy, with ladie bumps in all the right places, this Rose is a headturner.

Brittnay Janelle0

Brittany Janelle 

aka BB Pinup is back with new pics she just had featured in Asis Magazine. If you didn't think Brittnany Janelle was fine before (you were crazy then), we bet you think she's fine now. Face, body and shape is on point!


Shay Moss has appeared in a number of print advertisements, including promotional print for Milwaukee’s premier nightclubs, and an array of hosting duties for premier nightclubs in Milwaukee and Atlanta. It was through her involvement and exposure to the club scene that Shay Moss envisioned

Shenese Caldwell0Look at this. This is new steamy hottie Shenese Caldwell in an GGurls exclusive taking a shower. You gotta love James Williams of Inergee Studios, he finds a lot of fine girls don't he?


Simply put, Laura Shima Darby is a fine model who great breast who doesn't mind showing them off. Each of her pictures highlights her naked breast. If most girls had breast as pretty as these they'd show them off too. Laura Shima Darby, now a GGurl. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Cici Gregory0 This GGurl thing is just getting bigger and better. The very beautiful Cici Gregory did a photoshoot to be featured on GGurls and we love it. We like talking to CiCi on Twitter, and we never even expected that she wanted to be a GGurl until recently. Looking good babe!

Beautiful    Dizazter0 Got a thing for Beautiful Dizazter, one of the first ever GGurls from years back, so imagine our excitement when we found out we were getting exclusives. Which is only fair since she belongs to us lol. Big shout out to Alcole Photography, watch out for more of his work exclusively on GGurls.

Brandi Blaze0 Brandi Blaze got it going on with her fine ass, body almost looks unreal it's so perfect. Now we just want to see some cell phone pictures of Brandi. Hopefully soon, but for now look at these two.

 Miko Milan0 Let's call this set part two! Miko Milan sent us some new pictures from the same shoot as the first feature. We immediately put them up. Very, very, nice.

Bella  D0 We love our exclusives, it helped us to get this big. We love exclusives of super fine women, that also help. We now have exclusives of Bella D from Inergee Studios. And yes, we love it. You're going to love it too. She. Is. Fine.

Megan  Nicole0 Damn is she bad. Megan Nicole is pretty damn good in every category we can think of. Just name a body part, go 'head, yep she has a nice one. Damn is she bad

 Lina Exotic0 GGurls Honey, Lina Exotic is such a cute little thing. We've been hounding her for the rest of the pictures thats in that set that's at the top of the page. Her photographer found us on Twitter and sent them in. Needless to say all these pictures are smoking hot.
Pretty model with a great shape. Formerly known as Red Money Love, Phoenix returns with more exclusive pictures from @StudioMARZ. These angles are great! Phoenix shows off the fact that she's more that a pretty face and a nice ass. She really can model.
Jini Kim0 Well look like what we have here. The pretty little Jini Kim now has an exclusive with GGurls thanks to Marchal Marzian. We love her a little sexy self and these pics prove why you should be a fan. Lets welcome her home.
Lissa Misharova0 Now that's what's up. Lissa Misharova (@Russia305) recently shot with Marchal Marzian (@MarchalMARZian) for GGurls. Now of course we don't really have to say how hot the pictures are but then again, of course we're going to say it anyway. These pictures are planet Mercury hot. Lissa's body is so curvy, Coca Cola is remodeling their next glass bottle after her. Look at her sexy booty, now go make that new IPhone screen saver you were looking for.
Lex Lugo0 Was waiting on this for awhile. It's finally here. GGurls exclusive pictures of Alexis Lugo, and to give you a little more just for your wait, we've included a video to match. Marchal Marzian got 3 looks of this beautiful woman. The third look you'll see in another way ;). So watch this hot ass video of Alexis Lugo and then scroll down to see the pics Marchal Marz hit us with.

Wankaego0 We anticipated this exclusive for a minute now. Wankaego hopped on board with GGurls when she shot with Marchal Marzian, and we must admit it's a great look. She belongs here. Perfect fit. Wankaego (Theresa Runyon) is very pretty with a great body and an amazing booty. She was also super fun to shoot with, her personality is fun loving and she's a people person. Any who, without further ado, here's the feature. Oh you're going to love this one!

Alisha Jenay0 Whenever Marz shoots, people can't wait to see the results. We can't wait to put the pictures on for you to see. The latest Marz Presents features Alisha Jenay and all her lady humps. GGurls, Marchal Marzian and Alisha Jenay are the perfect trio. Follow these two on Twitter: @MissAlishaJenay and @Marchal_MarZIAN. Now scroll down and enjoy.

Zuri Latrice0 Can't wait to see what our print will have in store for you? Well here is another Marz Presents by GGurl photographer @MarchalMarZIAN to hold you over. This time we're bringing you one of the sweetest, sexiest yet most down to Earth models out there. Zuri Latrice. Zuri has the body, face and backside that women are jealous of. If you want to talk to Zuri hit her up on Twitter: @ZuriLatrice

Only on GGurls.

Dynastie Virge0 The first exclusive by GGurl photographer @MarchalMartian features the stunning @DynastieVirje. This is the first of many more series to come. Get a taste of what the GGurls magazine will have in store for you! This series is also available for download in it's original format. Images here are scaled down to fit the screen.

Danica Logan0 What a hottie! Prettiness will get you everywhere! Danica Logan first graced GGurls with pictures from Dynasty Magazine and now she recently shot with Alex Tirado and you know it's a fire ass set. Check 'em out!
Anahmae0 Anah Mae came back to shoot with GGurls and it was perfect timing. Our pictures are just like Anah Mae, the shiznit (had to say that lol). So it was great getting our girl in the studio to hook up these bad ass pics. A cutie with a booty, Anah Mae is fun loving and dedicated. Did you know she could sing too?

Shakira Lynn0 The first set in a series. Hmmm? Let's called this the naughty teacher series by Shakira Lynn. If your teacher looked like this you wouldn't have passed class huh? Then again you wouldn't have skipped and would have been in class. Any who. Here's brand new pictures of one of your favorite GGurls Shakira Lynn. Welcome home Shakira.

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