Evejmarie0 It's always that one girl who stands out from the rest. Even if she's around a bunch of super bad girls like herself. Eve J. Marie is that type of girl. As soon as we saw her on @thisiseames' timeline we knew we were going to post pictures of her on here and promote her.

Megan Renee0Got these from MQM Life. It's Megan Renee, who I thought we already had on here but apparently do not. Well problem corrected. We now have this fine lump of a woman on here. That one topless picture from behind is what really does it. She's fine all over though, check it out.

Pure Wet0 Oohwee, love gives who're built like this, and what's even better is when they are willing to show their body to you. Pure Wet is all she goes by, has a ver nice frame on her, with some great curves in all the right spots. From her face, to her titties, to her booty, to her legs, we guarantee you'll love her. Take a look.

9web0Got a treat for you. You know how you see those unbelievable looking girls on Instagram with a lot of followers? The kind you NEVER see at the grocery store or just walking down the street? Well here is one of them, Amanda Nicole. The definition of eye candy. These pictures, especially the ones with the see through outfit all will definitely make your day.

Deja M0We had Deja Marie featured on here from her spread in a GGurls' Magazine issue. I remember when I first thought them, I thought she was pretty sexy. Her titties were pretty much hanging out her outfit. Then she made an onlyfans page, and let me tell you, she's on there giving head.

Amanda Pichardo0 Ok, you're in for a treat. Once you scroll down and take a gander (snicker!) at Amanda Pichardo You're going to wonder why we didn't post her fine ass before. Well like you, we can't be everywhere at once and sometimes it takes a second to stumble upon such beauty. Now that you've found her, make sure you follow her and her kick ass photographers.

Oceandiamond0 You're going to love these pictures. This hottie Ocean Diamond (either that's her name or the name of her company) took some of the most eye catching pictures you may have seen lately (well not if you clicked on any other article lol). The point is, this girl and these pictures are dope.

Ivette Denise0 You can call a girl many attractive things but only a few can be good looking and exotic looking. Exotic would mean not the type of beauty you're use to from your country. I remember having a big argument about this on Twitter lol. Ivette Denise is actually exotic. She has some very differently very attractive facial features.

Angelina0 This girl is a looker fa' sho. Her name is Angelina from Biohertz photography. As usual the pictures look very damn good and the girl equally as well. She's sexy and classy and although she's not really naked she let's your imagination run wild. Now calm down and take a look at how good she looks.

Karma Kissez0Wasn't going to update today really but when you see pictures like this of Karma Kissez posing with her booty out, you have to update. Immediately. You'll thank me in the comments. So without saying to much, because these pictures say it all, here is Karma Kissez smooth sexy ass (by ass, I mean her entire self lol).

Franki0I have a thing for women who look like Franki. From her looks to her name, everything about her is outstanding and amazing. Not to sound like a complete perv, but her sex appeal is through the roof. A lot of women are nice looking or sexy, but few have this type of look that gives off this aura. Okay enough perving.

Xvneiv0 Is that a Roman numeral? Nah, that's her name. I think. Whatever it is, I just know she's fine. She's very fine actually. Now XVNIEV we ask you big favor, and that is, show a little more next time. Some implied nude, a string bikini? Go full bare? Please?

Josi Bad Ass0Bad ass is correct. We like Josi, she's our favorite trapper. Funny we were looking for the other Jose (the Puerto Rican bombshell) just recently and now we have another Josi that's bad too. Follow her on Instagram and let her trap you. She's fine.

Nikki Nr0This is actually Nikki Renee's 7th time being on here. However since I did some quality control of older pics (no knock towards anybody. Todays' pictures are of higher quality is all I'm saying) I deleted some stuff. So let's say this is Nikki Renee fresh again and looking good as ever.

Kreamy0 I wanna say she's an Asian chick but I'm not sure. Whatever she is she's fine though. Kreamy looks like she can be teasing little freak and that's just fine too. Will be keeping an eye out for this one. She keeps her Instagram lit. Watch out now. Scroll down to see all her pics

Alisha Berry0I done went crazy. How the fuck do I not have Alisha Berry on here? With all the photographers I know, who took these pictures it's impossible. Maybe I did and when I cleaned up the site she was archived. That oversite is now taken care of. If you think Alisha Berry is one of the top models in the game you are correct.

Jchb0 Man these are really nice. Just Call Her Brooke (that's her name, I had to find it on Instagram because she didn't leave it) left these in my inbox, and I can't stop staring at her booty. Neither can you.

I have so many pictures on my hard drive, that I bet you absolutely wouldn't believe it. Didn't know what I was going to do with these for a minute. I was going to save them for the magazine but they're just not revealing enough skin.

Alexa Vidal0 Pow! Alexa Vidal enters the GGurls line up with blazing hot pictures from DDG Photography. This. Woman. Is. Fine. Her features and boobies are sure to be a big hit. We think she's going to blow up, just remember where you saw her first. Be sure to check out AlexaVidal.com
Vicky Foxx0 Every man's fantasy, Vicky Foxx is soon to be a very popular model. After everyone steal her pictures from here she'll get more famous around the web. Well Marchal Marzian was about to work his magic with the camera and get a GGurls exclusive of this up and coming beautiful specimen. Go Marz!
Mz Gotti0 GGurl photographer Marchal Martian of Marz Studios is a fantastic photographer. He's an artist really. He paints a scene with several pictures giving you beauty and style with a sexy woman. In his 2nd Marz Presents! presentation he introduces Mz Gotti to the world. This model in one word? Stunning. People, here's a GGurls.com exclusive.
Jenn Jerez0 Now this is a keeper, and perfect for GGurls. This is Jenn Jerez sent in by our friends over at GlamourXposure. Oh you are going to so love this feature. There's nothing that needs to be said. Just look.
Melanie Ferrera0 Look at the body on this woman. She knows we're looking and we can't stop. Let's welcome Melanie Ferrera home, because with a body like that this is where she belongs.
Shonda Butt0 Your favorite GGurl rapper is back! It's Juicy Badass in her latest photo shoot. She's gearing up to drop a mixtape. What? You didn't know she could spit rhymes? Yeah Juicy is a multi talented model. Go follow her on Twitter.
Erica Vee0 Erica Vee oh my! Where does Ricky Fontaine (Iconik Images) find these women? She's like so gorgeous it's scary! Go ahead and give your eyes a treat!

Shakira0 Oh my are you going to love what you see after reading this! Shakira is serious about her modeling career and she has the right team and right photographer with GGurls backing her. Look at that gleaming sexy wet yellow body of hers!