WEB LovelyAmazin Px120 6260Lovely Amazin is rocking a BAE (Basics Are Envious) shirt in this GGurls Exclusive Shoot. And she is doing it bottomless. 

WEB Blue Px120 9370The Carolina Girl is back. The slim cutie with the body, rocking the body chain. I can't wait to see more of her fine ass.

WEB RedRoseLaCubana Px120 1993 During my last trip to TX got to work with Rose. I don't recall ever seeing a female with such a waist hip ratio in person. It was astounding. Check out these images from our shoot

WEB LovelyAmazin Px120 0002

It's been a while since we have seen Lovely Amazin on Ggurls. Definitely a nice way to re-introduce her to old fans, and introduce her to new ones. New images from Inergee Studios. 

WEB AlexaTheModel Px120 1333Alexia is definitely the truth. Lawd have mercy. From the first glance of her on IG, I couldn't stop looking at her. So when the opportunity presented itself to shoot with her, you know I wasn't going to pass that up. 

WEB IrraMendez  8695It' been a long while since we have seen Irra. Its really good to see her back and she is coming back.

 WEB AngelaMarie  4197Met Angela while on a business trip to Wichita, KS. She said that was interested and trying a different genre of shooting. I'm so glad that she came through to give it a try. Definitely think that she should continue along these lines.

WEB Lachelle YellowShorts 6148From the first time, she contacted me and I saw her breast on her IG, I thought to myself, "Bruh, I have to shoot her, LOL".

WEB BreJ Px120 7996 Black and Yellow. Definitely some of my favorite colors. It always to good to see the cute slim thick Bre J. 

U1136 Px120 9236Introducing the "Carolina Girl" known as Blue from North Carolina. You know how I like them slim and thick, well she is an classic example of that southern cooking.

U1135 Px120 9101 Jhustine is back and this time she is in the PINK Set. Every female might have it, but there arent very many that can rock it like Jhustine. Check out these latest images from Inergee Studios.

T1103 Px120 8113I love going to Texas. On my last trip there, I got a chance to work with Tiara Yvonne. She's not from Houston, but lawd does she have an ass on her. I guess it's true what they say, everything is bigger in texas. 

U1094 Px120 5396Shooting with Euro was awesome. Such a funny young lady and on top of all that, she is fine as hell. Check out the Exclusive GGurls Set. 

WEB Breanna%20Jefferies Vest Px120 0417

It's been a little bit since we have updated with Breanna J. Don't know if she has been taking a hiatus, or what. Definitely need to see more of her, cause you know I like the slim thick ones. 

WEB Ashlyn Suspenders Px120 1402

 When we first introduced Ashlyn, there was quite the buzz about this slim-thick, dark skinned beauty. Definitely hoping we get the same type of reaction with these images. 

WEB ZetaBanx WCW Px120 3568 I've been waiting for the right moment to post these. I guess since today is Wednesday, why not.

WEB Ashlyn Px120 5098

 By now you should now that I love me some slim thick girls. Ashlyn is no different. Check out the GGurls Exclusive set from Inergee Studios. 

ShevonBlu Px120 5395 The cutie with the bootie is back. Check her out in this GGurls feature.

WEB KimmieLee BlackJacket Px120 9336  It was said that Kimmie Lee belongs to GGurls. And we very meant that. You know how we love the slim-thick chicks. And Kimmie Lee is definitely one of those. Lawd have mercy!!!

WEB Ratoya BlackLingerie Px120 1876  I first saw her here on GGurls. So when I was given the opportunity to work with her, you know I had jumped at the chance. It's nothing like meeting and working with a GGurl that isn't in my area. It's always a blast.

Melita0 This is Melita. A bronze beauty with some classy pictures by James Williams of Inergee studios. We welcome these pictures with open arms. Sure we love more body parts showing but how could you not like a great looking sultry woman looking sexy no matter what? Love 'em.

Shevon Bleu0 This just in, like just opened the email and posted it type in. New model Shevon Bleu with hot pics from Inergee Studios. We don't know much about her yet, but we'll start talking to her soon on Twitter. Nice way to start off 2013.

 Dee Manni0 Another GGurl exclusive from Inergee Studios. These are pictures of the gorgeous Dee Manni proving she has modeling skills. She can keep 'em coming this way fa' sho'.

Livvy    Sweets0

Livvy Sweets

Wearing nothing but a towel Livvy Sweets killed this photoshoot. She kept it classy while shooting implied nudity. It's about time we got Livvy back on the site. It's been a minute.

Gwen0I swear, North Carolina got some pretty girls there. This Halle Berry look-a-like goes by the name of Gwen. She's the latest in the mighty arsenal of Inergee Studios. 

Dezmai Ashleyj0What can we say? The GGurl engine is stronger than ever! GGurls Dez Mai and Ashley J shot a nude exclusive to represent team GGurls! Needless to say we love the pictures and of course a big thanks to James Williams for his always great vision. Ashley J and Dez Mai look great! 

Ashley J0 Dig it! Here's brand new GGurl Ashley J wearing nothing but a rope in a GG exclusive by Inergee Studios! Soon as we opened this email we knew we'd love it. Nice shots.

Jessica   Murphy0 We tend to favor the Pistons although they suck like shit nowadays but it seems GGurl Jessica Murphy has a lot of love for the Celtics. Well we don't like the Celtics but we like how it looks on Jessica. Actually she'll make anything look good.

Bella   D0 The Puss N Boots series is alive and kicking with the latest installment featuring Bella D! James Williams has a thing for hot girls in nothing but boots and we can't say we blame him! Niiiiice!

Shana Patrice0 Heeeeey! Got new pics of Shana Patrice and they're looking great! She just shot with Inergee Studios and we're happy to present this cutie to you again. Scroll down to get a gander at Shana Patrice!
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