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Truthfully? I'm VERY burnt out. I lost a lot of drive in the last few months and especially the last few weeks. Nothing happened in particular, just not so motivated. It's time for something to shake things up and I think I have a great idea planned. You won't see it until a few weeks from now, maybe even in a couple of months... not sure... I won't launch it until it's ready, this has to be done right.

I'm just so sick of all the same shit. Everybody has a magazine, everybody has a website and it's all just recycled uninspired shit. I seen a website the other day about urban models and the logo was a fucking monkey. A. Fucking. Monkey. Welp. As usual, I have an idea that will change shit. Something nobody else even thought of, and once I launch it, they'll all copy. Just tired. I'll finish updating tomorrow (today) however. You can never get tired of beautiful women. May Py2

The good stuff...

Jan 03, 2015

Beautiful Dorshay

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Very pretty girl. Nice safe sexy pictures. Introducing Beautiful Dorshay from Prive Studios. Follow them both on Instagram Read More...
Jun 08, 2014

Marianne Sylvia -…

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I'm going to kill Marianne Sylvia! There is only one thing I don't like about these pictures and that's the fact she didn't show off that nice booty of hers. Why oh why did she wear… Read More...
May 17, 2016


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I like her, I like the pics, Learena has a lot of potential. She's cute, looks sassy and has a nice body on her. If she keeps shooting I think she'll become much more popular. Read More...