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If you saw this on World Star Hip Hop, then know this, they stole my idea yet a-fucking-gain. Seems that's all the fuck they do over there is steal people shit. You see, on my old Instagram before it was hated on and deleted I used to do comic book match ups all the time with Marvel facing off against DC. Battles you'll never see. Yeah I'm a geek, I know it but it was my idea to bring it into the urban world of entertainment. But of course the bitches over at WSHH took it and posted it like they thought of the shit, and most people know they never ever posted anything like this before. 


Now on to the good stuff, Hulk versus Superman, who wins? We pick the Incredible Hulk. Why? Well, because we tend to favor Marvel more believable characters rather than DCs god like characters. DC characters are just too damn unbelievable even for a comic book. Also is you know anything about Supes, you'd know he was killed by a Hulk like creature called Doomsday before. Yeah, Hulk wins this one. The madder he gets, the stronger he gets and if Superman can't knock him out (he doesn't kill) in under two minutes then the fight will just get harder and harder for the man of steel. 

d s disfunction . . .

The good stuff...

Nov 08, 2013

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Feb 14, 2018

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Jul 03, 2014

Introducing Taija Quiana

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