How To Keep The Kitty Tight and Fresh

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How to Keep the Kitty Tight and Fresh

By Sexpert Tyomi

Too often in my counseling sessions with men do I hear them complain about the lack of proper hygienic practices when it comes to women taking care of their lady parts, and to top of their long lists of  complaints about women, the subject of loose walls comes into the mix. 

 Losing the tightness of the vaginal walls due to pushing a 7 pound baby out of yoni is understandable, but to be a single woman with no children and have walls that make a man feel like he is placing his penis into an empty pickle jar is unacceptable!  Not only are loose walls a no no for a healthy, sexually active woman, but walking around with a box that smells like 2 week old tuna is downright disrespectful!  I would think that I shouldn’t  have to tell grown women how to care for their vaginas, but I’ve discovered that it’s time to step up to the plate and take a swing at these issues that many people are dancing around.  Here are three great pieces of advice for how to make the kitty tighter and fresher!

1: Practice Kegels and use Benwa balls and kegel weights

Just as you hit the gym to work on getting a flat stomach and squat to lift your booty, you have to work out the muscles within your vaginal walls and pelvis.  If you didn’t know that the vagina was lined with muscles that contract and also help keep every organ within the pelvis in place, now you know!  Don’t feel bad! Many women are unaware that proper exercises must be used to help keep the vaginal walls in place, and because of that, there are quite a few women walking around the face of the earth with loose vaginal walls and reproductive organs shifting out of place within the pelvis.  If you don’t work a muscle, it will become weak and loose shape.  The best way to exercise these muscles is by performing an exercise called Kegels.  A kegel is the contracting of the pelvic muscles by squeezing them for a few seconds and then letting them go.  The best way to know if you are doing them right is to make the same motion as if you are trying to stop yourself from urinating.  When you do that, you will feel your vagina and your anus tighten. That is a normal feeling! That is how you keep the muscles tight and toned.  You can do kegels anywhere at any time because it is an internal exercise that no one can see you do! If you need help with performing kegels, use Benwa balls or kegel weights that are sold at any adult store.  By keeping the weights within the vagina, you have to hold them in place with your muscles. It may be hard at first, but as your muscle strength builds, you will be able to keep them in place for hours!  To perform kegels properly, squeeze your muscles and hold them for 5-10 seconds, and then rest for 5 seconds.  Do this exercise about 10 times a day and you are on  your way to keeping your vagina tight and happy!

2: Take regular baths and use pH balancing feminine wash

If you are currently using a douche to cleanse your vajayjay, STOP NOW! Even though the douche is promoted as a healthy way to keep the vagina clean in mass marketing, it is not recommended by doctors that you use one simply because the chemicals within the solution throw off the natural ecosystem of bacteria in the vagina and can cause a pH imbalance.  The best way to keep your kitty so fresh and so clean is to take a bath with no bubbles or salts…just plain water.  Water by itself has cleansing properties that properly balance the pH of the vagina and wash away any excess buildup of bacteria or discharge.  If you want to clean the area with a cleanser, use a pH balancing feminine wash. When washing the vulva, make sure to part the lips and clean every fold as to prevent a buildup of bacterial that can cause odor.

3: Eat a clean diet!

You are what you eat, and what you eat can have an affect on the pH levels within the vagina as well as change the smell and consistency of discharge.  Too much sugar in your diet can contribute to an overgrowth of yeast that can cause yeast infections to occur, and the smells of certain foods can become absorbed within the vagina.  Avoid certain types of fish and incorporate more water, green vegetables and fruit in to your diet.


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