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Yep... Let's get it started. I've been saying I was going to open up GGurls for others to help run and promote and use a platform and one of the ways was to do it was to use our popular Facebook page. This is actually an easy way to do it as Facebook fan pages are set up to have multiple administrators. Sooooo for the people, I know, have talked to and somewhat trust let's get it... 

The first thing you need to do is join the page ---> The GGurls
Once you join, let me know your name and email (one you use for FB) and I'll make you an admit...

The page has 200k followers and posts (good ones) average about 2.5k likes and 100 comments...  

You have to be active  

You have to post quality content, rather it be sexy (no nudity) women or funny videos it must get attention. Hint: Try to interact with people with questions or contests or something.

You can post about your event or material, however if you use the page to spam I WILL BOOT YOU. Be moderate. 

No racism, sexism, or anti-religious post allowed.

You must be active.. if you're not I'll boot you to make room for someone else.

I'll think of some more stuff later. 

You can leave comments here for email and names. I'll try to hit some of you up that posted in other threads I made about this. 


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