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Who's hotter? You decide!

Gjavaie0 Hmmm? Don't think that's her Instagram page because I always test them out, maybe she's about to make that name? I dunno. I do know however that Gjavaie is very nice looking with a nice sleek body. That's what I do know.

Instagram: @geeeegeeee_
Photographer: @seancoleman713

Gjavaie Gjavaie1 Gjavaie2

The good stuff...

Apr 19, 2013

Chyna Hall Twerk

in Video
Don't clown us but we never even heard of Chyna Hall but we're glad we did now. She has one of the best jiggly booties ever and she really knows how to dance and shake it. This video will… Read More...
Feb 16, 2017

Miss Kelz Kakes

in Latest
I be running out of shit to say when posting new hotties. Sometimes it's just best left to let the pictures do the talking. That booty looks soft don't it? Read More...
Jul 22, 2014

Jessica Owens

in Latest
I like these pictures and I like this new girl. Nothing to fancy, just a pretty girl in a bathing suit at a swimming pool. Meet Jessica Owens, new GGurl. Read More...