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Gissy Doll0Got damn! What is this?! This might be the most beautiful... Let me stop... This is definetly one of the most pretty and sexy women we have ever posted. Is Gissy Doll real? This has to be one of those sex dolls, this just can't be a real person.


Instagram: @gissydoll
Photographer: @leondash

Gissy Doll Gissy Doll1 Gissy Doll2

The good stuff...

Dec 28, 2013

Tynk Bad Ass New Booty…

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Tynk Bad Ass is calling herself Yaya Kors nowadays, but no matter what game she goes by you will recognize that booty. In her latest high definition ass shaking video you will clearly see… Read More...
Nov 20, 2015

Ms Prettie

in Latest
While updating I got these pictures, I put them up immediately because she's fine as fuck. Meet Ms Prettie. I like her. Read More...
Jan 07, 2015


in Latest
Think her name is Glitterbomb Nasjae? Not sure about the "Glitterbomb" part but that's what the email said. It also said "aka dat bitch fine" is her name. Well these pictures and her body… Read More...