Making GGurls superheroes unlike the ever popular (and my second favorite to GGurls characters) Marvel Comics and the ever terrible DC Comics is hard. One because they've thought of every superhero there is and two, because people keep basing our heroes on those comic book characters.

Possibly ascended from a much more ancient time in Earth's history as she constantly hints, Pretty Power is a super human power house with uncalculable stregnth and durabilty. Every feat she can accomplish is due to her near godlike strength. She's a formidable foe to every body she faces and  is basically impossible to be defeated by brute force.

This is Light Blade. The latest edition in the now expanding GGurls' Superheroes universe. LIght Blade is actually super long time GGurl and friend Crystal Lee aka Beautiful Dizazter. If you've been around with us for our decade in business you should know her.

The latest GGurl Super hero is Hyper! Played by GGurl Flexi Lexxi (Alexis). Her powers are speed (duh). She can run at speeds of Mach 10 and her reflexes and thought processing can match it. Since she runs at such high rates of speed her body has a natural endurance and durability level to protect herself against friction at such speed.

Got our favorite girl as a superheroe now. Krystal "Wild B" Parks is Anasi. Her powers are a "stinger" force that can incapicitate or even kill if she so desires. She also has a hypnotic singing voice (she can sing for real) that can entrall lessor enemies of weak will power. She's a good guy (when she wants to be).

Building up towards that comic book. For now we're introducing all the GGurl Superheroes fresh outta my head. Victoria A. Taylor aka Vickie6 or Kitty Vickie 6 is Amp. Her powers are the use of electricity in the form of concussive force blast, shields and electrocution. She also super fast by use of her powers.

Finally here! Well sorta lol. But the start is here and here is what we'll show you. See, I had this vision about turning girls into superheroes a while ago. Was going to be doing photo shoots and then Photoshopping costumes on them. It's actually better looking than it sounds and if you've been around here for awhile you've seen it.