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Don't know who did this, but the love is real. About a month ago, a co-worker told me that there was a GGurls Fan Club on Google+. I thought he was talking about our Google+ plus page we made up. He said no, this one is a fan club page dedicated strickly to GGurls. I checked it out and this popped up. A thriving community page with lots of pictures and likes that's even bigger than our G+ page.

Like I said I don't know who did this but I'm very flattered! I gotta join up.

Link: GGurls Fan Club

Ggurls Fanclubb1

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The good stuff...

Jun 16, 2014

Ms Butta

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When I opened this email, I thought to myself, "damn her skin looks smooth and radiant just like butter.." and this was before I saw her name. I often scroll down before reading an email… Read More...
May 13, 2018

"Cocaine" Lorraine SD

Internet hot girl "Cocaine" Lorraine SD has been popular for a very long time. I think it might be that booty but then again it could be the cute face with freckles AND the booty (gotta be… Read More...
Feb 11, 2014

Maria Jade Serious Booty…

in Video
This has got to be one of the best booty twerking videos we've ever seen, it's so artsy and well done. It's not just another girl shaking her ass with her homegirl recording it on her… Read More...