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Love these two, no joke, no lol, I love these two girls. They both are so GGurls that they went and got it tattooed on their bodies. Oli (@LusingHiero) and Paris (@SqueezeMY) did a quick little fun shoot after the icecream shoot just to show the world their tattoos.

I didn't do anything special to these pictures, just a little healing (you Photoshoppers know what I'm talking about) and that's it. What you see is what you get.

Gg Tats Gg Tats1 Gg Tats2 Gg Tats3 Gg Tats4 Gg Tats5 Gg Tats6 Gg Tats7 Gg Tats8 Gg Tats9 Gg Tats10 Gg Tats11 Gg Tats12

linked different . . this kind of soundness conditions.

The good stuff...