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gabby oliGabby was the homie, we use to be good friends, I'm not so sure these days as the last I heard of her she was pregnant and ready to pop. Still miss my homie lover friend though. Wish her all the best.

Gabby is the better looking one. Oli is the dumb girl with the GGurls tattoo on her ass. I told her not to be but hey, you can't stop dumb people from doing dumb shit. Fuck her.

I didn't edit these pics at all... They were for and I was going with more of a realistic look for that site.


Gabby Oli Gabby Oli1 Gabby Oli2 Gabby Oli3 Gabby Oli4 Gabby Oli5 Gabby Oli6 Gabby Oli7 Gabby Oli8 Gabby Oli9 Gabby Oli10 Gabby Oli12

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