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It's becoming much more frequent. Frauds using the GGurls name to make themselves a quick dollar. Rather they target me or unsuspecting girls, they're doing it is all that matters.

Already dealt with a phoney earlier this year trying to further his personal agenda by having an in to talk to the ladies. Now there is a straight up Scammer that goes by the name of @lynaa12 on Instagram and her "manager" Deandre Sharkey using my name to get money out of girls. After receiving my 10th email from a girl I finally got the phone number to this Deandre person. The guy answered said it wasn't him but trust me. I can tell it is. He was way too interested to see what was going on. Most people would have said "wrong number" and hung up.
If you are contacted by @mzbossy1217 @lynaa12 or ANYBODY other than GGurls please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to verify the contact.
Please be smart. Stay safe. Give no money to anyone unless you're absolutely sure.

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