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Frances Fossano0 Glad I turned up for this shoot. Thinking I'd be dealing with a flaky model, Frances Fossano came through on time and ready to go. She was very photogenic and brought high energy, now add that to her looks and what photographer wouldn't love her? Couldn't wait to put these up, so I did it as soon as I could. Here is new GGurl model Frances Fossano and all her pretyiness.

Twitter: @ColdPeaches

Frances Fossano Frances Fossano1 Frances Fossano2 Frances Fossano3 Frances Fossano4 Frances Fossano5 Frances Fossano6 Frances Fossano7

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The good stuff...

Nov 19, 2014

New T Monae

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Heeey, these new pictures of T Monae are even better than the last time, and I liked the last time she was on. She's a really attractive girl and these pictures prove. Read More...
Apr 23, 2016

Sexy Lil Paris

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Got an email from long time GGurl Riley aka Kushed AF fine ass. She wanted to introduce us to Sexy Lil Paris with these pictures. Thank you very much baby. She's fine just like you. Read More...