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Who's hotter? You decide!

GGurl Krystal Parks aka 'Wild B' is looking for a girlfriend. This is serious. So we're gonna find her one, for real. Ready?

Ok, this will be ongoing, and right now we're looking for contestants to compete for Wild B's heart. So the first thing I want you ladies to do is comment your IG page below so we can have a look at you. I'll be posting each contestant (that we like) on my IG page. Also in the comments can you please tell us why you'll make a good lover for Wild B and posting a picture will greatly increase your chances. After Krys picks her favorites, we'll move on to phase two.

Criteria? Go to Wild B's website here: For The Love Of Wild B Wilb Girlfriend

The good stuff...

Jun 13, 2016

Priscilla Rose

in Latest
It's about to go down! I got a truck load of pictures by Photo B and I'm going to start them off my posting Priscilla Rose. She's all that and more, can't wait to see her in the near future. Read More...
Jun 26, 2018

Alexis Skyy Naked Titties

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Alexis Skyy basically went naked to the BET Awards in this see through dress and we ain't mad at her. This trend is taking over heavily and it needs to be even stronger. She showed off… Read More...
Oct 24, 2015


in Latest
Here is Dara, a new GGurl by Alcole Studios. Love the pics. You can tell she has a sexy ass physic underneath her garb too. Read More...