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, Youtube and Google +. Why in the world is Youtube making it so damn difficult to get paid now? If you haven't seen it, if you upload a "sexy" video or even a music video with cursing in it, they'll greatly de-monitize your shit. Just when I was going to make a Youtube campaign too... I still might.. I have an idea or two.

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The good stuff...

Jan 21, 2015

Brazil Dior

in Latest
Some sweet pictures of a sweet little cutie. Brazil Dior is now a GGurl thanks to Alcole Studios. Let's give her a very warm welcome. That's a nice backside she has there. Read More...
Feb 06, 2014

Rose Monroe - Video Booty

in Video
Somebody retweeted Rose Monroe on our timeline and after watching some videos of this pretty woman with a nice booty we thought we'd help get the word out about her. Guarantee you'll like… Read More...
Feb 10, 2015

Tychi The Model

in Video
Here's a motion picture of a nice big booty model. Tychi the Model comes on strong in her first appearance here. Thanks to Mr. Meggett and his camera. Read More...