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Flavaj0If you're like us and you like girls who are pretty and top heavy then Flavia J is right up your alley. What's that? It surprises you that we like nice titties because mainly we post nice booties..? Get over it son, and enjoy this woman with some nice tittes.

Instagram: @flaviaj7
Photographer: @thisiseames Website:

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The good stuff...

Feb 28, 2015

Paris Unforgettable

in Latest
Got an email that said "Hi I'm Paris, I'm 24 and I want to be featured lol and I believe we're following each other on Instagram." Well hi, we're GGurls and now you're one too. What a catch! Read More...
Sep 18, 2015

Ms Jamour Naked

in Latest
Remember when I said I had another set of Ms Jamour? Well here they are. If you missed the other set go look in the "GGurl" section. Read More...
Dec 20, 2015

Angelic Bryant

in Latest
This sexy girl, Angelic Bryant is now a GGurl thanks to these sweet ass pictures from Derrick Clegg and crew. Gotta Love it. Read More...