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OOh she's nice right? This is Faim Evette, a brand new model and a nice sexy one at that. Follow her on Instagram

Instagram: @faimevette
Photographer: @mymanbriscoe

Faim Evette Faim Evette1 Faim Evette2 Faim Evette3

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The good stuff...

Mar 10, 2014

Oli GGurl Tattoo

in Video
Was holding this for a minute but I thought it was time to put it up. GGurl Oli wanted to get the logo on her booty and she really did it! That pretty little booty is now showing her love… Read More...
Sep 27, 2015


in Latest
Here is another exlusive from Mr Mike Santana of a brand new girl he found recently. She's very very cute. Her name is Viandra. Read More...
Mar 04, 2012

Shawty Red Sexy Video…

in Video
Now you know this moves Shawty Red up several hundred notches on our favorite's list right? She made this wonderful sexy naked booty video just for GGurls! Sit back and enjoy it. Then… Read More...