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Who's hotter? You decide!

erykahd Whew! Damn near missed this! These pictures remind us of those Maxim style pictures or those high fashion type pictures the way they're shot. We like 'em. We also like nude model Erykah D posing in them too, can't forget that.

These are very cool.

Instagram: @Erykahd
Photographer: @kingboyett

Eryakhd Eryakhd1 Eryakhd2 Eryakhd3 Eryakhd4

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The good stuff...

Oct 19, 2013

Jucci TM and Pros Vixen

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Had fun this past Wednesday, had two hotties show up to shoot. One was Jucci TM and the other was Pros Vixen. There is nothing more fun than a photo shoot when the atmosphere is great. Read More...
Sep 22, 2015

Anita Thou Wow

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Old friend of GGurls, Westwood (4ever) hit me up with an email saying he's now into photography. Here was his first subject Anita "Thou Wow". Not bad fam, not bad. Read More...
May 01, 2015

Rocky Dior - Baseball

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Got Rocky Dior back. Baseball theme. But you know what I like best right? Her perky naked booty she's showing. Looks very cute and just right in this theme. Read More...