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Emeraldeyez0 Girls like this you just don't see everyday. Imagine walking into Walmart and Emerald Eyez walks pass you. You'd probably crash into one of the shelves. Follow her on Instagram.

Instagram: @MsEmeraldEyez

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The good stuff...

Apr 29, 2013

Best Booty Shake

in Video
Now it's probably not the absolute best booty shake you've ever seen but it is a pretty damn good one. Looks like whoever this booty belongs to, it might just be real. Nice and round and… Read More...
Jun 26, 2018

Alexis Skyy Naked Titties

in Latest
Alexis Skyy basically went naked to the BET Awards in this see through dress and we ain't mad at her. This trend is taking over heavily and it needs to be even stronger. She showed off… Read More...
Jul 15, 2015

Nikita Marie - The 4th

in Latest
Better late than never. My busy ass finally got a chance to put these up and I BET don't none of you care if it's the 4th of July or not. You're just looking at Nikita Marie right?… Read More...