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Who's hotter? You decide!

We love our exclusives baby! The latest features none other than reality TV star (Bad Girls' club season 8) Elease Donovan! Yep she shot just for GGurls! These are some great pics. We love 'em.

Twitter: @EleaseDonovan by @StudioMARZ

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Elease Donovan Elease Donovan1 Elease Donovan2

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The good stuff...

Jun 10, 2014


in Video
Like a white girl with a nice booty? then Cakez is right up your alley, not only is it nice, it has a very nice size to it. It's a sexy booty actually. Video by Duane G of MQ tease. Great… Read More...
Mar 15, 2018

Shopping While Naked

in Latest
I don't know who she is but I love her. You can tell that the store must obviously be closed but even still it's erotic as fuck. Read More...
Sep 17, 2015

Brand New Carmen Nichole

in Latest
let the updates begin! We're gonna start off with Carmen Nichole and her sexy brown back frame. Nice way to start off an update after so long right? Read More...