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While updating I received a new email. It was from a new photographer and I thought, here we go, either the girl or the photography will suck. Neither was the case. Both kicked ass. Ebony is fine and the pictures are very nice. Welcome to GGurls.

Instagram: @soccerleggs
Photographer: Marvin Jack Jackson

Ebony Martinez Ebony Martinez1 Ebony Martinez2 Ebony Martinez3 Ebony Martinez4 Ebony Martinez5 Ebony Martinez6

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The good stuff...

Jul 30, 2015

Barbie Brown Loves GGurls

in Latest
Love this. The very shapely Barbie Brown says she loves GGurls a lot and proved it in her latest shoot. Follow her on Instagram. Read More...
Mar 18, 2014

Diamond Laxx Photo Shoot

in Video
A lot of times when we get pictures of new models we also get videos to go with them. We just made Diamond Laxx a new GGurl, go look in the GG section. Her photographer Trill Imagery sent… Read More...
Oct 05, 2013

New Brittani Skyee…

in Latest
One bad bitch beat five funky hoes. Sometimes when we schedule shoots the girls don't turn out as hot as their IG or Twitter suggested. We can have five girls shooting and usually only get… Read More...