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Duchess Taughtyou000Wowee man! I love opening up emails from Alcole Studios because I always get new girls like Duchess Taught You in 'em. All the good adjectives you can think of to describe her fits.

Scroll down and look.

Instagram: @Duchess_TaughtYou
Photographer: @AlcoleStudios

Duchess Taughtyou Duchess Taughtyou1 Duchess Taughtyou2 Duchess Taughtyou3

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The good stuff...

Aug 16, 2014

Took a minute off

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The longest I took off in a minute. Here are the updates. My email box has exploded as you guess. I did a shoot for issue two of the magazine and the first issue will be here on the 25th.… Read More...
Oct 24, 2017

Kayla Naked

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Got a new GGurl and she loves to be naked. Like all the time. She's even nude on her Instagram page all the time. Read More...
Oct 08, 2012

Sexy Booty Gifs - Just…

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Whenever we find 'em we post em. Animated booty pictures just for you. Hey, if you have some send 'em our way. We love these things too. Read More...