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vo·lup·tu·ous (vəˈləp(t)SH(o͞o)əs): (of a woman) curvaceous and sexually attractive. synonyms: curvaceous, shapely, ample, buxom, full-figured. This is the definition Google gives and it fits Dominique Chinn perfectly. Dominique was hit by the IG hate train recently and her page of 2 million followers has be disabled.

Talked to her on the phone to try and help get it back. She'll get it back eventually but for now get her up to date pictures on the account listed below.

Instagram: @dominiquelchinn

Dominique Chinn Dominique Chinn1 Dominique Chinn2 Dominique Chinn3 Dominique Chinn4 Dominique Chinn5 Dominique Chinn6 Dominique Chinn7

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