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deja mattoxDeja Mattox aka Deja Vu, really wanted to be a GGurl, and I had no idea. After I made a post on Instagram asking if GGurls was too strict or not, it seems she and photographer Krys Anthony had a talk.

In the email I got from Anthony: "The post had lots of engagements... & one of the models started to talk as if she had no hope in her potential... So I told her this...

Resulting in her inboxing me because she was coming to NY & I held strong to what I said.. So basically this shoot I'm gonna show u is something u basically birthed

Instagram: @itsdejavu13
Photographer: @realtalqk
Make Up: @Jaggabee

Dejavu3 Dejavu4 Dejavu5 Dejavu6 Dejavu1 Dejavu2

The good stuff...