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Ddd0 From the very first GGurls magazine, which actually did pretty good here is a shoot with Dede Damati from Marz Studio. Now you get it for free.

More throwbacks soon. This is actually fun. (I gotta crack for some more pics too) Ddd Ddd1 Ddd2 Ddd3 Ddd4 Ddd5

The good stuff...

Jul 08, 2014

Cutie: Kat Frenale

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Was waiting on these. Kat Frenale sent me these but didn't have them big enough, now that she does, I'm happy to post them. Read More...
Mar 14, 2015

Picture Perfect

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I like to research a girl before I post her. Actually I have to a lot of times because of lack of information. I like what I found out about Picture Perfect. She's a nice curvy model who… Read More...
May 11, 2016

Jennifer Charles

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I'll find out her Instagram later. I got this email from Jennifer Charles saying she wants to be down and I'm down with that idea. Looks like a lot of potential from these pics right? Let's… Read More...