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Dayami Padron0 The term "Miss New Booty" is played out but it's oh so fitting with this new GGurl. This is Dayami Padron, somebody we're sure will be one of the next big sensations in the glamour modeling world. She has the look (and booty) to go far. She's already been in Young Scooter's video; Colombia. She has some serious curves on her doesn't she? Scroll down and see what all the hype is about. Big thanks to new photographer Viva La Twenty Five for the pics and heads up!


Twitter: @ilovedayami
Instagram: @dayamipadron
Photographer: @vivala25 Instagram: @vivala25

Dayami Padron Dayami Padron1 Dayami Padron2 Dayami Padron3 Dayami Padron4

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