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Danica Logan0 What a hottie! Prettiness will get you everywhere! Danica Logan first graced GGurls with pictures from Dynasty Magazine and now she recently shot with Alex Tirado and you know it's a fire ass set. Check 'em out!

Twitter: @AyoSlimmie by @AlexTiradoPhoto Makeup by @AngelaJMua

Danica Logan
Danica Logan1
Danica Logan2
Danica Logan3
Danica Logan4

used to treat s . . is a great way to find a doc .

Damn. Never heard of her before until recently. Camila Bernal…
Yay or nay? That booty is big as fuck and Lex aka Persian…
Oooh is this photo set very sexy, and you know which picture…
Remember when I said I had another set of Ms Jamour? Well…
Got her again! Tacyianna is breaking out of her shell and…
Tiasha ALWAYS and I mean always take the sexiest pictures…
The good stuff...