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Crisana Mariyah0 Damn! Damn! Damn! One of the best looking GGurls ever! Crisana Mariyah is fine, shapely, pretty and has a round perfect booty! You ain't doing much better than this son, gone 'head and rate her five stars already. This is why we nicknamed Crisana Mariyah 'Tastee'.

Twitter: @Crisana_Mariyah

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The good stuff...

May 20, 2017

Klarivel Garcia

in Latest
Caught this cutie in my emails from Qs Flavas management, her name is Klarivel Garcia. Got a nice slender and sleek body and a nice cute face. Read More...
Feb 04, 2018

Crush on Diamond Monroe

Been crushing on Diamond Monroe since I first found out she was a porn star. I think she's retired now but she loves to post a lot of freaky shit on her Twitter. Read More...
Jan 20, 2013

Layna Britain -…

in Video
Layna Britain is very active. She takes pic after pic and video after video. This is part II of her video titled: Seduction. Do not view if you're 17 or younger, as usual Layna shows bouts… Read More...