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cre The email said Slim Chocolate, and I thought, "right up my alley". I opened it and I was happy. Cre is slim and chocolate, I think Dell just forgot to say sexy too.

Instagram: @ccrrree
Photographer: @DellShotMe

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The good stuff...

Mar 14, 2015


in Latest
I like to research a girl before I post her. Actually I have to a lot of times because of lack of information. I like what I found out about Tikilia. She's a nice curvy model who really… Read More...
Mar 02, 2018

Arie Faye

in Cell Phone Cuties
Found this little cutie on Twiter. She's a porn star and does it all but you know I won't post that on here. But her naked selfies? That's a go. Read More...
Nov 09, 2013

Cam Late 70s Hip Hop

in Video
Dedicated. Making track after track and each one cold as fuck, Cam is back and just when we thought that last one was the best, we changed our mind after hearing this one. Read More...