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codi bryant One of the perks of running GGurls is getting to meet people. Met Codi Bryant over a year ago at a strip club in Detroit. She said I was really cute, if you knew how much I thought of Codi before even knowing her you'd know that shit made my year lol.
Here are some brand new pics of her from Courage of 20/20. She's back in action.

Twitter: @2020Photography

Codi  Bryant Codi  Bryant1

The good stuff...

Jun 10, 2015

Lois Shine - Throw Some…

in Video
All jokes aside? Lois Shine is one of the baddest mothafuckas in the game right now and it took this video to prove it to me. If I'm saying this shit, it has to be true. Just look at this. Read More...
Oct 29, 2014

Introducing Shakira…

in Latest
Everytime I hear the name Shakira I think of a certain person who use to... never mind. This Shakira, Shakira Hernandez to be exact has that same sex appeal about her and I would like to… Read More...
Sep 05, 2014

Laina J - Body Paint

in Latest
Oh damn. To me body paint just equal artistic nudes and when a girl has a body like Laina J you know it's going to be a great treat in store. She has a very appealing look (and body).… Read More...