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Who's hotter? You decide!

Yay! Back on it. As suggested I'm going to find a voting plugin to put into these things. I just hope it doesn't stop the comments from flowing. That's the problem. We would rather see a bunch of comments than people just clicking a voting button. In this battle we have two hotties with nice titties.

It's Chinky Eyz Vs Charisma Sweets. Which one are you going with? Leave comments rather I have that damn poll up or not by the time you read this.

Instagram: @chinkyeyz by Photographer: @alcolestudios

Chinkyeyz2 Chinkyeyz Chinkyeyz1


Instagram: @charisma.sweets by Photographer: @cwalkphotography

Charisma Sweets2 Charisma Sweets1 Charisma Sweets

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Aug 16, 2017

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Apr 28, 2018

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Nov 19, 2015

Rarest Jewels Update

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