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Who's hotter? You decide!

Cheri Amour0 Oh my damn. I like her. A lot. An awful lot. This is Cheri Amour supre fine ass. I hope to see more of her everywhere. Hell I'll be the one who'll put her out there.

Instagram: @cherimiamour
Photographer: @himovertherestudios

Cheri  Amour Cheri  Amour1 Cheri  Amour2 Cheri  Amour3

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The good stuff...

Jul 15, 2017


in Video
Had to post this one of a fine chick named Melii from Strick Images. Been sitting in my inbox for a looooong time.  Read More...
Nov 20, 2013

Oli - Boss Ass Bitch

in Video
Kind of an insider, but I chose the song Boss Ass Bitch purposely because it's Oli' favorite song at the moment. Actually she hates it, which pleases me even more lol. I think she'll get a… Read More...
Aug 06, 2015

Roxy Yay or Nay?

in Latest
Her name is Roxy and I personally think she's very attractive however these pictures do her no justice. What do you think? Better pictures and she's in? Read More...