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Who's hotter? You decide!

Damn I can edit video better than I thought. Got to do it more often. From our Vegas trip a little while ago, this is Chanel Ayana and if you're not prepared you're about to see the extreme beauty of a perfect female form. 


Chanel made the video even more interesting by talking about the downside of being a sexy ass girl in Vegas. She's constantly harassed by Hotel security just by being sexy. She also tells you what to expect from the club she works at. One of my boys was drunk as fuck (we all were actually) but he just had to grab that ass and tried to play it off lol. Chanel was cool though, she's a new good friend of mine ;) 

Twitter: @ChanelAyana

Instagram: @ChanelAyana1


Here's the other video of her getting a spanking Chanel Ayana gets a spanking

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