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Cedez Bankroll000 As promised, here is one of the few sets of pictures of Cedes Bankrolls. This girl is very photogenic and almost every picture we snapped turned out great.

Nice body, nice booty, nice girl all around. We'll find something else to shoot her in soon!

Instagram: @CedesBankrollz_

Cedez Bankroll3Cedez Bankroll4Cedez Bankroll5Cedez Bankroll6Cedez Bankroll7

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The good stuff...

Mar 05, 2016

Saniya Cummings

in Latest
Wait 'til you get a load of Saniya Cummins. Cute face, nice ass. If you don't like her I'm questioning you. Take a good look at her. Read More...
Jan 31, 2014

Pretty Ass Paris

in Video
Haven't updated video in awhile, so I put this together really quick. It's new GGurl Paris walking around the studio naked being playful and smiling. Didn't even bother adding music to it… Read More...
Dec 06, 2014

New Dawn Lashell

in Latest
Got new pictures of Dawn Lashell and they're just as nice as the last ones. I was waiting to post her again and it looks like I got my wish. Read More...