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Cathy Pujols0 Cathy Pujols shoots with GlamourXposure and this is what they came up with. Some nice booty pics and some good shots showing off her sleeve. Nice work. (She got a nice round ass)

Twitter: @Cathy_Pujols by @GlamourXposure

Cathy Pujols Cathy Pujols1 Cathy Pujols2 Cathy Pujols3 Cathy Pujols4

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The good stuff...

Mar 24, 2015

Ashley Evans

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This is Ashely Evans from Tay Price Films. She's fine right? I just don't have a social network of her right now, but I will as soon as she hits me back. She's fine right? Read More...
Oct 24, 2017


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Yay or nay? How do you like Kvlcv? That's the only name we have from her and Sean. Read More...
May 30, 2015

Yay or Nay? Nina Rae

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Hmmmmmm? Hmmmmmm? What do y'all think about Nina Rae? I like what I see but somethings not really pulling me in. I'll let you guys decide. Yay or nay? Read More...