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Datcandichanel 0 Very seductive looking woman here. Candi Chanel is new to GGurls and we love her already. Get a gander of her. Yeah I said "gander".

Instagram: @datcandichanel
Photographer: @alcolestudios

Datcandichanel 1 Datcandichanel 2 Datcandichanel 3 Datcandichanel 4

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The good stuff...

Jun 18, 2018

Panda Versus Gissy

in Latest
OOOOHWEEEE this is maybe the best battle yet? You agree? Panda Supreme versus Gissy Doll. Two fantasy type chicks with some bodies you just won't believe (how good the surgeon did lol).… Read More...
Apr 01, 2015

The GGurls Tour - Kicks…

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Man, I hate that I don't have time for stuff, but for this I gotta make time. The GGurls tour kicked off in my hometown of Detroit this past Saturday and it kicked ass. Did much better than… Read More...
Aug 30, 2015

Bea Taylor - 2015

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Man! It took me a second to think of a name for this article, seeing as Bea Taylor has like 50 GGurl features. I do admit these are her better pictures this time. She's sexier than ever too. Read More...